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Making Digital Advertising
Cleaner. Safer. Better.

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High quality, transparent advertising that is viewed as was promised to the brand.

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Improved fraud screening and appropriate approaches to ad blocking & privacy.

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Overall better advertising experiences for brands, publishers, and audiences alike.

A Conference About Actionable Solutions

The rapid growth of data-driven, digital advertising has presented marketers with unprecedented new opportunities to better understand and connect with their audiences. Simultaneously, that growth has given rise to fraud, malware, security and viewability concerns as marketers look to ensure that their advertising campaigns are running cleanly, safely and being seen by actual people.

AdExchanger's Clean Ads I/O will take a careful look at the challenges within data-driven, digital advertising, and more importantly, create actionable solutions that will keep it clean.


Ben Barokas



Christian Calderon

Chief Revenue Officer


Lorrie Cranor


Federal Trade Commission

John Ebbert

Publisher & CEO


​Till Faida


Eyeo GmbH/Adblock Plus​

Lori Feld

President, North America


Lisa Flosznik

Director of Demand Marketing


Wayne Gattinella

President & CEO


Rick Greenberg


Kepler Group

David Hahn

SVP Product

Integral Ad Science

Jed Hartman

Chief Revenue Officer

The Washington Post

James Hercher



Nancy Hill

President & CEO


David Jakubowski

Head of Ad Tech


Ryan Joe

Managing Editor


Keith Johnson

EVP Strategic Data Solutions


Bob Liodice

President & CEO

ANA (Association of National Advertisers)

Maureen Little

SVP, Business & Corporate Development


Kelly Liyakasa

Senior Editor


Kavata Mbondo

VP, Revenue Strategy and Operations

Time Inc.

Dan Mosher

VP & GM, BrightRoll Exchange


Dean Murphy


Murphy Apps LTD/Crystal

Eliza Nevers

VP Programmatic Demand Product

AOL Platforms

Joanna O’Connell



Kevin O’Donnell

Director of Monetization


Michael Oiknine

Co-founder and CEO


Keary Phillips

Director Digital Marketing

Allstate Insurance Company

Keith Pieper

VP Technology


Zach Rodgers

Executive Editor


Caitlin Romig

Global Digital Marketing Manager

Rosetta Stone

Randall Rothenberg

President & CEO


Allison Schiff

Senior Editor


Andrew Shebbeare

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer


Scott Siegler

SVP Engineering & West Coast Operations

Gamut (Cox Media Group)

Sarah Sluis

Senior Editor


Tom Sly

Vice President, Digital Revenue

The E.W. Scripps Company

Scott Spencer

Director, Product Management, Sustainable Advertising


Eamonn Store

CEO North America

Guardian News & Media

Aubrey Turner

Director IAM Strategic Services

Optiv Inc


Registration Hosted by White Ops



John Ebbert, Publisher & CEO, AdExchanger

Putting Transparency To The Test

FTC CTO Lorrie Cranor has spent years studying the human side of security and privacy technology. She is currently exploring approaches to evaluating the effectiveness of disclosures, including ad privacy icons and notices, and native advertising disclosures. She will present some of her disclosure evaluation research studies and discuss the importance of evaluating disclosure effectiveness as part of the design process.

Lorrie Cranor, CTO, Federal Trade Commission

Strong Partnerships: The Best Defense Against Ad Fraud

Inventory quality plagues the programmatic ecosystem, and it’s up to every player in the industry to be vigilant in their efforts to identify and eradicate fraudulent inventory. However, acting alone will only get us so far. Dan Mosher of BrightRoll Exchange and Maureen Little of Turn discuss how their platforms have partnered to reduce fraud and ensure quality inventory.

Dan Mosher, VP & GM, BrightRoll Exchange, Yahoo!

Maureen Little, SVP, Business & Corporate Development, Turn

The New Data Dynamic: Chief Privacy Officer, Chief Marketing Officer

The push-pull of consumer privacy versus marketing needs is complex to say the least. In this presentation, policy expert Aubrey Turner looks at what’s going on between the CMO and CPO – and the shared strategy ahead.

Aubrey Turner, Director IAM Strategic Services, Optiv Inc

Tackling The Supply Chain

The shift to quality is largely a technical challenge for buyers. How are agencies and brands tackling the evolving arsenal of tech tools that are used to provide their client a cleaner supply chain. A range of issues will be discussed from the buy-side perspective such as viewability, ad fraud and privacy.

Keary Phillips, Director, Digital Marketing, Allstate Insurance Company

Caitlin Romig, Global Digital Marketing Manager, Rosetta Stone

Keith Johnson, EVP Strategic Data Solutions, Wunderman

Rick Greenberg, CEO, Kepler Group

Ryan Joe, Managing Editor, AdExchanger – Moderator

Morning Break

Clean Advertising Case Study

Scott Siegler, SVP Engineering & West Coast Operations, Gamut (Cox Media Group)

Tom Sly, VP Digital Revenue, The EW Scripps Company

Beyond Viewability: How Exposure Can Define Campaign Success

So your campaign now has viewable ads seen by humans but are you really succeeding in getting the most ROI out of your digital investment? Digital media buying has its own set of rules that drive success and we need to start thinking that way. Join David Hahn, SVP of Product at Integral Ad Science, as he reveals why not all clean ads online are created equal, and what matters most when determining what’s really driving your customers loyalty to your brand.

David Hahn, SVP of Product, Integral Ad Science

Mobile Fraud

Fraud has clearly moved to mobile and is manifesting itself in different forms. This panel of experts will look at the issues and what’s being done about it – and what isn’t.

Eliza Nevers, VP Programmatic Demand Product, Aol Platforms

Michael Oiknine, Co-Founder and CEO, Apsalar

Christian Calderon, Chief Revenue Officer, Ketchapp

Allison Schiff, Senior Editor, AdExchanger – Moderator

Lunch Hosted By DataXu

Unblocking Better Ads: Will Digital Advertising Heal Itself… Or Eat Itself?

Opaque markets, misaligned incentives and fraud represent a potential self-destruct trigger for the digital media industry as we know it. Meanwhile better ads, tools and education offer a real shot at redemption. Using lessons from economics and game theory, Andrew will explore what it will take for our industry to escape the vicious cycles that threaten to consume it and unlock the promise of better ads for everyone.

Andrew Shebbeare, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Essence

Transparency Across The Industries Of Advertising

Key advertising industry trade associations return to the Clean Ads I/O stage and discuss the challenges to and solutions for transparency in advertising across a range of subjects including fraud, viewability, native advertising, agency compensation and more.

Bob Liodice, President & CEO, Association of National Advertisers

Nancy Hill, President & CEO, 4A’s

Randall Rothenberg, President & CEO, IAB

Joanna O’Connell, CMO, MediaMath – Moderator

Innovation Outlook

Wayne Gattinella, President & CEO, DoubleVerify

Testing Viewability

Could viewability become a new “standard” digital advertising metric? IMM has worked with clients like Roku to test multiple viewability approaches with the goal of assigning business metrics to each one. The agency will present conclusions on how it quantifies the value of viewability in terms of reaching business goals, including correlation of viewability to conversion performance.

Keith Pieper, VP of Technology, IMM

Lisa Flosznik, Director of Demand Marketing, Roku

Afternoon Break

Don’t Pardon The Interruption

In 2015, Guardian US CEO Eamonn Store stated to AdExchanger the significant issues with today’s interruptive ad experience. Mr. Store who will discuss the challenges in today’s online advertising ecosystem.

Eamonn Store, CEO North America, Guardian News & Media

Kelly Liyakasa, Senior Editor, AdExchanger

In Consideration of Ad Blocking

Many consumers have embraced ad blocking software to enhance their web experience, whether mobile or desktop. What are the latest implications for publishers and vendors addressing this trend? And what does it mean for marketing spend overall? Our panel will explore.

Scott Spencer, Director Product Management, Sustainable Advertising, Google

Ben Barokas, CEO, Sourcepoint

Till Faida, CEO, Eyeo GmbH/Adblock Plus

Dean Murphy, CEO, Murphy Apps LTD/Crystal

James Hercher, Reporter, AdExchanger – Moderator

Sell-Side Impressions

The ad quality push now underway could lead to fewer overall impressions in the ecosystem. This poses a challenge but also an opportunity for media companies with clean, well lit supply. This publisher-focused panel will discuss the business impacts of viewability measurement, fraudulent ads, platform publishing, and ad blocking.

Kavata Mbondo, VP, Revenue Strategy and Operations, Time Inc.

David Jakubowski, Head of Ad Tech, Facebook

Jed Hartman, Chief Revenue Officer, The Washington Post

Kevin O’Donnell, Director of Monetization, Microsoft

Sarah Sluis, Senior Editor, AdExchanger – Moderator

Transparency Today

Increasingly, the digital advertising “buck” stops with agencies, who are ultimately responsible for vetting media sources and implementing technologies to enhance advertising quality. This discussion with MRM//McCann’s North American President Lori Feld will dive into the evolving requirements for brands and their agencies to ensure their dollars flow to only the most impactful placements in today’s highly fragmented ecosystem.

Lori Feld, President, North America, MRM//McCann

Zach Rodgers, Executive Editor, AdExchanger

Happy Hour

For Brands, Marketers, and Agencies:
Clean Ads I/O represents a unique opportunity to learn from your peers as well as reach “across the aisle” to your sell-side and technology partners and learn what they see, share your views and consider the solutions ahead. For example, the most important way to combat fraud is to understand how it works. Marketers who attend Clean Ads I/O will be better informed than ever as they learn what to demand in terms of security and transparency from publishers and technology vendors.

For Publishers: Like your ecosystem partners, you hold a unique touchpoint with the consumer and it’s your job to protect not only them, but the brands that are driving revenue through you. Privacy, viewability, ad blocking – all of these and more are in the mix. Clean Ads I/O will provide an understanding of the latest trends and solutions, and provide you an opportunity to connect with the buy-side and vendor community.

For Tech Providers: Bringing your technology expertise to the world of big data and advertising is critical. You want to protect the brands that trust you to deliver their campaigns and/or drive yield for publishers who create the great content we all depend on. Among the most important issues you address is unlocking the complexity of the many partners it may require for a buy- or sell-side provider to create and deliver effective advertising at scale. Ad technology companies that attend Clean Ads I/O will gain a better understanding of how the latest technologies are working for their clients and for the consumer, and inspire the road map for future innovation.

For Everyone: Clean Ads I/O provides a unique opportunity for all the members of the advertising technology ecosystem to exchange actionable ideas for making digital advertising cleaner, safer and better.



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Mobile Fraud
Beyond Viewability: How Exposure Can Define Campaign Success
Unblocking Better Ads: Will Digital Advertising Heal Itself… Or Eat Itself?
Putting Transparency To The Test
Strong Partnerships: The Best Defense Against Ad Fraud
In Consideration of Ad Blocking


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